Williams College Facilities

  • Who We Are

    Electrical Trades

    Lighting, of course, but also wiring for alarms, data and telecommunications, emergency power, scoreboards, PA systems, elevators – the Electrical Trades team makes all the connections!

    Lock Shop
    Our locksmiths will never leave you out in the cold! They take care of all kinds of locks and lock systems – from traditional keys to the card access system.
    Planning and Construction

    The successful planning and building of facilities that enhance the mission of the College is the responsibility of the Planning & Construction team. Look for them under the hard hats.

    Heating Plant

    Our combined heat and power plant supplies the campus with steam for heating and hot water.  It also produces 20% of the electricity consumed on campus.


    Nine cracker jack custodial teams make sure our 100+ academic and administrative buildings and dorms are kept clean. They appreciate all the help you can give!

    Mechanical Trades

    Our plumbing and HVAC team (Mechanical Trades) maintain the distribution systems for heat and AC, steam and water, sewers and storm drains, natural gas and propane, and a whole lot more.

    From lawns and fields to roads and parking lots, our groundskeepers work year-round – indoors and out – to maintain college landscapes, hardscapes and athletic facilities. Wave when you see them!
    From hanging a picture to repairing a roof, our carpenters will tackle just about anything! You can always tell when they're around by their cheerful banter (or the sound of drills and hammers).
    Paint Shop
    In addition to keeping campus walls and ceilings looking their best, our painters whip up everything from campus signs to pavement markings. They even hang wallpaper!
    Cars and Drivers
    Reserve a college van, check out our commercial rental agreements, find a driver, or reserve a Zipcar. You can find whatever you need ... but not this beauty!

    Williams is committed to recycling everything we can. Our recyclers even work with local farms to provide animal bedding made from shredded paper!

  • What’s Happening Now

    There are dozens of Facilities projects going on at any given time. Most happen behind the scenes. But here are a few that may affect your normal routine:

    Sawyer Quad Construction Activity Notice

    Sawyer Quad Construction Activity Notice (2)

    Chapin Hall Construction Activity Notice

    Chapin Hall Construction Activity Notice (2) Sawyer Quad Construction Activity Notice (2)

    Sawyer Demolition Process to Begin on Monday, June 8th


    Demolition of the old Sawyer Library is scheduled to start on Monday June 8th.  Demolition activity will shift from the interior of the building to the exterior beginning with the installation of site fencing and creating an access road into the site on the west side.

    Once fencing is installed, pedestrian traffic to the new library will be restricted to the paths from the south off Main street or the walks from the north behind Chapin Hall and east of Hollander Hall.  Pathways through or across the demolition site will not be available.  The actual demolition process is expected to begin on June 22nd and take approximately one month to complete.

    Chapin Drive will remain open to traffic with some restrictions during the period when the south portion is being re-constructed in early July.  Parking along the north portion (from the Congregational Church parking lot entrance north) will be relocated to the newly created lot just north of Chapin Hall on June 22nd.  This will accommodate the two-way traffic required for trucks to access the demolition site from Mission Park Drive.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Bruce Decoteau at 597-3225.

    A detailed site and process plan for the period during the demolition can be viewed here:

    Sawyer Demo Circulation Plan (1)


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