Williams College Facilities

Winter Shutdown 2014

Partial Shutdown During Winter Break

mission winter

Mission Park

The College is pleased to be able to partially shut down during this time of year for a period of restoration and relaxation.

All faculty offices will be heated and available for use, while most administrative and support functions will be suspended.
Most of the programs for service reduction are the same as last year. To the degree possible, residential buildings will close at noon on Tuesday, Dec. 16, and administrative buildings at the end of the day Tuesday, Dec. 23.  Administrative buildings will re-open on Friday, January 2, and residence halls will re-open for students to return on Saturday, January 3 @ 8:00 am.  All buildings will return to normal operation by Monday, Jan. 5.

More information:

Contact Kim Racine, kjr2@williams.edu, with questions or concerns.

What can you do?

Unplug it!

unplug itMany electronics and appliances use electricity even when they’re turned off, so unplug computers, monitors, printers, cell phone chargers, TVs, DVD players, Play stations, etc.

Research equipment: Turn off research equipment when possible.

But not classroom equipment! Information Technology staff will turn off audio/visual/computer equipment in classrooms.

Do some housekeeping

mini-fridgeEmpty, defrost and unplug refrigerators and mini-fridges. Custodians will unplug all appliances and electronics left plugged in, so remove perishable items and clean your refrigerator before the break to avoid any New Year’s surprises.

Prevent heat loss

window shadeLights, windows, curtains: Turn off lights, close windows and storm sashes, and shut curtains to reduce heat loss through the glass.

Labs: Close the sash as much as possible on all hoods in your lab space, both teaching and research.

Dress warm

no space heaterIn as many buildings as possible, temperatures will be turned down to 50° F. Faculty offices, labs and studios will be heated as usual, except where faculty have indicated they will not be using the space and the building will be unoccupied.

No space heaters: Personal space heaters are not allowed during the break.

Information Technology support

Winter Study instructors should not plan to preview their classrooms during the shutdown period as the lectern computers will be undergoing maintenance.  Classroom buildings will reopen on Friday, Jan. 2.  If you need help with using the projection equipment in classrooms, setting up a Glow site for your course, or have other technology related questions, we strongly recommend that you contact media services or your ITech liaison as soon as possible, and prior to the shutdown. Adjuncts should contact the liaison for the course’s department sponsor. For urgent questions, email the ITech list at itech@williams.edu. This address will be monitored periodically over the break.

If you need other technology support over the break send email to Desktop@williams.edu. That address will be checked regularly every day. If you are unable to email, use the help-desk web form at oit.williams.edu/help-desk. On Dec. 26, 29, 30 and 31 from 9am to 4:30pm a Desktop Systems Specialist will be on campus to answer the help-desk phone at x4090.

Jesup Hall will reopen on Friday, January 2 for swipe card access and resume normal building hours.


From Wednesday, December 24th thru Thursday, January 1st the college campus will be closed and will not accept any deliveries from USPS, UPS, Fed Ex, and DHL.

With the following exceptions:

  • Campus Safety & Security will accept deliveries for Hopkins Hall ONLY throughout the entire shutdown period.
  • Alumni Fund/Staff at Mears House will accept deliveries Monday, Dec. 29th thru Wednesday, Dec. 31st from 7:00AM – 3:30PM.

College departments with P.O. box addresses can pick up their mail at the Post Office during regular business hours.  College I.D. will be required.

For additional delivery information regarding USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL feel free to contact Bob Vacca, Mail Services Supervisor, at Mailservices@williams.edu or 413-597-2150.

Jessica Park Mail Room
The student mail room closes at the end of the day(4:30p.m.) Tuesday, Dec. 23 , and regular window service resumes on Friday, Jan. 2(9:00a.m.). No package mail will be available during this time.

Building Schedules

OPEN During Break

Faculty Offices, Labs & Studios
Bernhard Music Center
Bronfman Science Center
Clark Hall
College Garage Art Studios
Harper House
Hollander Hall
Lawrence Hall (Art Dept Offices)
Mason House
Mather House
Morey House
Morley Science Labs
Oakley Center
Schapiro Hall
Spencer Art Studio
Stocking House
Thompson Biology Labs
Thompson Chemistry Labs
Thompson Physics Labs
Administrative and Other Buildings
Hopkins Hall
Mears House
Mears West
Vogt House
Williams College Museum of Arts
Student Residences
Fayerweather and St. Anthony Hall (CDE) are used for pre-approved students for housing during Winter Break.

CLOSED During Break

Closes Opens
Faculty Offices, Labs & Studios
’62 Center end of day Tues 12/23 Fri 1/2
Chapin Hall end of day Tues 12/23 Fri 1/2
Goodrich Hall end of day Tues 12/23 Fri 1/2
Griffin Hall end of day Tues 12/23 Fri 1/2
Hopkins Observatory end of day Tues 12/23 Fri 1/2
Miller House end of day Tues 12/23 Fri 1/2
Administrative & Other Buildings
Alumni House/The Log end of day Tues 12/23
Fri 1/2
B & L Bldg : Human Resources & Real Estate Offices end of day Tues 12/23
Fri 1/2
Bascom Hall end of day Tues 12/23 Fri 1/2
Class of ’37 House end of day Tues 12/23 Fri 1/2
Droppers House noon on Fri 12/19
Mon 1/5
Jenness House end of day Tues 12/23 Fri 1/2
Jesup end of day Tues 12/23 Fri 1/2
Jewish Religious Center end of day Tues 12/23 Fri 1/2
All Campus Libraries end of day Tues 12/23 Fri 1/2
Paresky Center end of day Tues 12/23 Fri 1/2
Rice House (West) end of day Tues 12/23 Fri 1/2
Facilities Service Building end of day Tues 12/23 Fri 1/2
Thompson Health Center end of day Tues 12/23 Fri 1/2
Weston Hall end of day Tues 12/23 Fri 1/2
Williams College Children’s Center end of day Tues 12/23 Fri 1/2
Student Residences
Student residences close at 12 noon on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 for Winter break.  (Only those students whose home address is outside of the US and are pre-approved are allowed to remain on campus for the break- undergrads are housed in Fayerweather, and grad students in CDE).  Student residences re-open on Saturday, January 3, 2015 @ 8am for Winter Study.
Athletic Facilities (see Fitness Options below)
Lasell Gym, Chandler Gym, and Simon Squash Courts 6pm Tues 12/23 6am – 6pm 1/2 &regular hours 1/5
Towne Field House 3pm Tues 12/23 7am – 3pm 1/2 &regular hours 1/5
Samuelson/Muir Pool Sun 12/14 regular hours Mon 1/5
Lansing Chapman Rink 3:00pm Tues 12/23 regular hours 1/2 & 1/5
Dining Halls
’82 Grill Lunch after service Sun 12/14 regular hours Mon 1/5
Driscoll Dining after dinner Sun 12/14 dinner Sat 1/3
Eco Café at 2:00pm Mon 12/15 regular hours Mon 1/5
Faculty House after lunch Fri 12/12 lunch Mon 1/5
Grab ’n Go after lunch Mon 12/15 regular hours Mon 1/5
Lee Snack Bar at 3:30pm on Mon 12/15 regular hours Mon 1/5
Mission Park after breakfast Tues 12/16 dinner Sat 1/3
Whitmans’ after lunch Mon 12/15 dinner Sat 1/3
Whitmans’ Late Night after service on Sun 12/14 regular hours Sat 1/3

Fitness Options


Prospect Mountain cross country ski area offers equipment rental and instruction.
The Arcadian Shop in Lenox, MA rents cross country skis and snowshoes.
Berkshire Outfitters in Adams, MA rents cross country skis and snowshoes.


Northern Berkshire YMCA in North Adams offers day passes for $10.
Off the Wall Fitness and Raquet Club in Bennington, VT offers day passes for $14.

End-of-Year Gifts / Donor Support

If you would like to make a gift during the shutdown time, please visit giving.williams.edu

If you need to talk to someone about your gift, please call 888-374-8110 (toll-free) or 413-597-4153. The Alumni Fund staff will be checking messages Wednesday-Friday, Dec. 24–26, and Monday-Wednesday, Dec.29-31  from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM EST (3:30 PM on the 31st) and will respond promptly.