Williams College Facilities

Brooks, Perry, Weston, JRC area construction


Oct. 24 thru Nov. 27: Medium Voltage Transformer Project
Gigliotti Electric will working in and around the Brooks, Perry, Weston and the JRC neighborhood. This work is part of the on-going electrical upgrades to our campus electrical distribution system and equipment.

This phase of the project will only involve the installation of the new electrical conduit and equipment, and will not have an impact on building operations.

However, the facilities that will ultimately experience a service disruption are: Wood House, Perry House, Bascom House, JRC, Weston Hall, Brooks House and Spencer House. These future service interruptions for bringing the new equipment on-line will be closely coordinated with the building occupants to minimize disruptions.

Download a site plan PDF of the work.
Contact Bill Bowen at Facilities for more information.