Towne Field House - Update

This correspondence provides notification of the impending demolition of the Towne Field House.
Dates for Activity: November 6 – December 22, 2023
Work Activities:

• Site preparation is scheduled to begin on 11/6; AFTER Homecoming
• Fencing will be erected around the fieldhouse, taking many parking
spaces behind B&L, in facilities parking lot and along Latham St. Please
click on the link to see map showing perimeter fence.
• The entire building is coming down: large, heavy equipment will be
employed and the work will be noisy.
• No blasting will occur.
• Water will be sprayed over the work site to mitigate dust.
• Tractor trailer traffic will circulate in and out of the job site to pick-up
and remove materials from the site. Please see included map of truck.
• Access thru the main entry to the hockey rink will remain open.
• Passage along the walkway between the hockey rink and field house will
be blocked.
• The driveway connecting the B&L lot with the Danforth block lot behind
The Log will be blocked.
• No parking spaces behind the Danforth will be taken.
• All adjacent businesses along Spring St. have been notified and
provisions, if appropriate, have been made to accommodate

Towne Field House- Construction Activity Notice