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Facilities is responsible for the administration of the College’s fleet of 12 Passenger vans and minivans (7 passenger), all of which are available for use by faculty, staff, and student organizations. Please review the policies and procedures covering the operation of College vehicles outlined below.

Eligibility to Drive a College Vehicle

  • Drivers license: All faculty, staff and students who wish to drive a College vehicle, or who drive a personal vehicle on College business, must have have a valid driver’s license that has not been revoked or suspended.
  • Driving records: Once each academic year, ALL drivers must go to the Motor Vehicle Record Request webpage ( to notify the College that they wish to become an approved driver and authorizing the College to request and review their Motor Vehicle Record (MVR).
  • Driver’s test:  All students wishing to drive a College-owned 12-passenger van must pass a driver’s test. Tests are administered Tuesday through Thursday at 9:30 a.m. or 1:00 p.m. Email [email protected] or Call 413-597-2302 for an appointment .  You must have your driving record submitted and Approved before scheduling your driving test. The test is good for four years.
  • Acknowledgement: At the beginning of each academic year all those wishing to drive must sign an acknowledgement that they have read and accepted the regulations relating to College vehicle use.
Policy Regarding Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs)

Driving privileges will be denied under the following conditions:

  • More than three (3) moving violations in the past three (3) years, or more than one (1)  moving violation in the past twelve (12) months.
  • More than one (1) minor accident (any event which results in damage to vehicle and property, or injury to a person, with damages of less than $2,500), for which you are at fault, in the past three (3) years.
  • Any major accident (any event which results in damage to a vehicle or property, or injury to a person, with damages exceeding $2,500), for which you are at fault, in the past five (5) years.
  • Recorded instance of driving on a suspended license, or for failure to appear in court, within the past five (5) years.
  • Conviction for reckless driving within the past five (5) years.
  • Conviction for alcohol and/or related driving offense within the past five (5) years.
  • Refusal to submit to a blood alcohol test within the past five (5) years.

Restrictions on Using College Vehicles

  • College vehicles may be utilized for College business only. There are no exceptions.
  • Do not leave a College vehicle overnight at an airport or train station. Request to be driven to the departure point and picked up upon return. The requesting department is responsible for making arrangements with College drivers.
  • Smoking is prohibited in College vehicles.

Rental Rates

  • Departments are not charged for use of the College Car fleet


E-mail [email protected] to make tentative reservations or you may call 413-597-2302 to see if there are any available vehicles before filling out a reservation form.  You must then follow up with a Vehicle Reservation Form

  • Faculty, staff, and students must submit a Vehicle Reservation Form.
  • An authorizing person may also send an e-mail to [email protected] with the driver’s name, destination, date and time of departure and the account number to be charged.

Reservation Priorities

Reservation requests are considered based on the priority system below:

  1. Admission, Geology – one vehicle each
  2. Athletics – provided that requests are received prior to the following deadlines:
    • Fall season (Sept-Nov): by Aug 1
    • Winter season (Dec-March): by Nov 15
    • Spring season (April-May): by March 15
  3. Administrative/Academic offices
  4. Student organizations

Barring unforeseen circumstances, all reservations confirmed by Facilities are firm unless canceled by the reserving party.

Vehicle Pick Up

NOTE: College vehicles is open Monday – Friday 7:00am – 12:00pm and 12:45pm – 3:30pm.  CLOSED from 12:00pm – 12:45pm

  1. Keys: When practical, keys to a reserved vehicle are to be picked up at Facilities just prior to the departure time indicated on the approved Vehicle Reservation Form. Should the departure time fall outside normal working hours (M-F 7:00am – 3:30pm), the reserving organization must pick up the vehicle key (ONLY) prior to 3:30 p.m. of the work day preceding the trip.
  2. If the trip is on Saturday or Sunday you must pick up key ONLY on the Friday before the weekend by 3:30 p.m.
  3. The vehicle, however, may not leave the Facilities parking lot prior to the departure time indicated on the Vehicle Reservation Form.
  4. Key wallets: Keys to College vehicles are attached to wallets. Inside each wallet is a Trip Ticket and an Emergency Assistance Card.
    • The Trip Ticket contains the information Facilities has about the trip. This is the form which the driver uses to record the MILES AT START and MILES AT END information. The Trip Ticket also has a section in which to record any comments about the vehicle or any problems encountered.
      • Also enclosed is a PHH Fleet America Emergency Roadside Assistance Card, which is to be used in the case of a vehicle breakdown.
  5. Credit Card:  There is a wallet similar to the key wallet in the glove compartment of each vehicle.  In that wallet is a credit card to be used for fuel and expenses for the automobile only.  When you use the credit card, you will be asked to enter a PIN number (found in the wallet) and the odometer reading.  Please be accurate with odometer reading.
  6. Visual inspection: Before departing, the authorized driver should make a quick inspection of the vehicle and note any problems on the Trip Ticket. After returning, another inspection should be made and any new problems noted. Call security at 597-4444 after 3:30 p.m. if the vehicle should be removed from travel immediately.
  7. Be on time: Failure to pick keys for vehicle on time may result in additional charges.

Driving Guidelines

Driving for long distances can be very tiring, which can lead to an increased potential for accidents. Because of this, driving limits for all drivers are as follows:

Daytime travel 3 hours at one time
Nighttime travel 2 hours at one time

Within 15 minutes of reaching a driving limit, the driver should exit the highway to a safe rest area. The driver must take at least a 15-minute break or another approved driver must assume driving responsibilities.

When the total trip is expected to be completed within 30 minutes beyond the appropriate driving limit, one driver may drive the entire trip without a break. However, if poor weather or heavy traffic threatens to lengthen the trip, the driver should exit the highway to a safe rest area within the normal driving limits. No driver may exceed eight (8) total hours of driving time in any 24-hour period.

No athlete shall drive a College vehicle from an athletic event within four (4) hours of the event. An exception is granted for sports competing within 30 miles of the Williams College campus.

Only a person whose name appears on the Vehicle Reservation Form as the primary or alternate driver is permitted to drive the vehicle. The primary driver is responsible for enforcing this policy.

Vehicle Return

  1. Gas: Please be courteous to the next driver and fill the gas tank before returning the vehicle.  You will be charged an additional $25 if you fail to fill the vehicle.
  2. Trash: When returning a College vehicle, all debris is to be removed and placed in the trash receptacle adjacent to the Facilities parking area.  You will be charged an additional $50 if the vehicle is not cleaned.
  3. Lock it: Be sure the vehicle is locked.
  4. Trip Ticket & keys: Place the completed Trip Ticket and keys in the key return box adjacent to the rear door of the Facilities service building. Be sure your beginning and ending miles are filled in and that you have noted any problems you encountered with the vehicle.  Failure to report miles will result in a charge of $25.
  5. Late-night return: If you are late in returning to campus and are concerned about safety, request an escort through Campus Security. For your convenience, a Yellow Emergency Phone is located at the north end of the Facilities parking lot beneath the blue light. Do not keep a vehicle overnight.
  6. Be on time: Failure to return a College vehicle on time may result in an additional charge of $100. (See Unavoidable Delays and Charges and Fines below.)

In the event of an Accident

An accident shall be defined as any event which results in damage to a vehicle or property, or injury to a person. All registration and insurance information is in the glove compartment. It is the responsibility of the driver to call the police, fill out and submit an Accident Report Form, and obtain necessary information from the other party. Should a College vehicle be involved in an accident during working hours (Monday-Friday between 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.), the authorized driver must notify and submit proper forms to College Vehicles at 413-597-2302 as soon as possible. All other times, call and submit the proper forms to Security at 413-597-4444. There is a blank Accident Report Form in the glove compartment which can be filled out at the time of the accident or immediately upon return to campus.

Unavoidable Delays

Should unavoidable delays be encountered during a trip which prohibits returning the vehicle on time, contact College Vehicles at 413-597-2302 Monday-Friday between 7:00am – 12:00pm and 12:45pm – 3:30pm; all other times, call Security at 413-597-4444.

Loss of Driving Privileges

Any of the following actions will result in the loss of College vehicle driving privileges:

  • Driving to a destination other than that approved by a Dean or Department Chair as indicated on the Vehicle Registration Form.
  • Allowing an unauthorized driver (one not listed on the Vehicle Registration Form and/or one who has not taken the Facilities driving test) to drive 12 passenger vehicles.
  • Use of the credit card for purchases other than fuel, oil, and automobile maintenance.
  • Picking up a vehicle earlier than your scheduled departure time, or returning a car later than the authorized return time without notifying Facilities or Security. See Unavoidable Delays above.
  • Violating state and federal traffic laws, damaging other vehicles or property, driving while intoxicated, transporting alcohol or drugs, or any other illegal or irresponsible use of a College vehicle.
  • There is a Seat Belt Law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. If you are stopped and fined for not wearing one, the fine will be your personal responsibility. This is in keeping with the present College policy that users of College vehicles are responsible for any fines or penalties associated with driving and parking violations.
  • Any unsafe, prohibited, or inappropriate use of College vehicles, or failure to follow the rules as indicated above, may result in the loss of driving privileges and/or a service charge.
  • Effective 2-23-2020 Massachusetts law now prohibits the use of “any” electronic device unless in ‘hands-free’ mode.  1st offense – $100 fine.  Heads UP phones DOWN.  

Charges and Fines

$100.00 If all seats have to be removed in the 12 passenger vans.
$35.00 If seats have to be removed per row in the 12 passenger vans.
$50.00 If the trip is canceled and the College Vehicle department is not notified at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time.
$50.00 If the keys are picked up after business hours (Mon – Fri 7:00am – 3:30pm)
$100.00 If the vehicle is not returned on time
$25.00 If the vehicle does not have at least half a tank of gas
$50.00 If all debris has not been removed from the vehicle
$25.00 Failure to complete, return or lost trip ticket will all required information. ex.(Mileage, Driver, etc…)
$200.00 Lost key replacement (Fee to driver)