Drivers for Hire

There have been enhancements made to the Driver for Hire Program.  As of September/2019, All Drivers For Hire will now be college employees. These drivers are available for college business only (exclusively in college-owned vehicles – no exceptions) and subject to driver/vehicle availability. Most drivers will take you to all major airports, train stations, or other destinations within a 4-5 hour radius.

 If you need a Driver For Hire, please follow the steps below:

  • Confirm vehicle availability for the date in question with Fleet Coordinator at x-2302 or via email [email protected].
  • Once the vehicle is confirmed, you will need to contact a Driver For Hire from the below-linked list.
  • Once vehicle and driver are both confirmed – complete the Reservation Request to ensure your trip is scheduled.


 Please note: all reservations are first come first served.


Drivers for Hire


Questions & Answers:

Q: Can I still hire a limousine service, taxicab, Uber, etc. for college business?

A: Yes, use of any licensed livery service for college business is still permissible. The college does not recommend or endorse any particular livery service and use of such service is at the rider’s own risk.


Q: Who should I contact about a Driver for Hire service concern?

A: Contact College Cars ([email protected]) or’ Krista Jolin at 413-597-2302 and [email protected].


Q: Can a Driver for Hire use their personal vehicle or a customer’s vehicle?

A: No, all trips funded by the college must be in a college-owned vehicle and scheduled through College Cars. Any trip made by someone on the Driver for Hire list in a non-college vehicle is considered a personal trip, will not be paid for by the college, and is subject to the disclaimer and release below.


Q: Can I tip a Driver for Hire?

A: No, all Drivers for Hire are college employees and may not accept tips.


Q: Do I have to track and submit the time for the driver of my trips?

A: No, time will be tracked and charged monthly to your department utilizing a trip ticket. The driver is responsible for completing the ticket and submitting it to the fleet coordinator.


Disclaimer & Release

The Drivers for Hire list was created to facilitate transportation for college business in college vehicles. The college is not recommending or endorsing the use of any person on the Drivers for Hire list for personal use and makes no representations or warranties regarding such use. If you choose to contact a driver on the Driver for Hire list for personal use, your use of their services is entirely at your own risk. Williams College, its trustees, officers, employees, and representatives are released from any liability arising out of your personal use of any driver or the services they provide.