Drivers for Hire

Effective October 15, 2019, the College has made changes to the Drivers for Hire program. These changes—which are outlined below and include making drivers employees of the College and limiting the vehicles that may be used for College business—were made both to ensure compliance with labor and employment laws and to improve safety and accountability.

What are my available transportation options when traveling by car for College business? 

With the appropriate department approvals, these are possible options:

  • Mileage reimbursement for use of own car.  You may continue to drive your own car for College business and seek reimbursement at the current federal rate.
  • Licensed, insured livery service.  You may continue to use a licensed, insured livery service, taxicab, Lyft, or Uber for College business and seek reimbursement. Please also take note of these regional transportation services.   The College neither recommends nor endorses any particular service and use of such service is at the rider’s own risk.
  • College driver using a College car.  You may arrange for any driver on the list of College employed Drivers for Hire to transport you using a College car. See below for information about how to schedule a ride in a College car.
  • College driver using a ZipCar.  You may arrange for any driver on the list of College employed Drivers for Hire to transport you using a ZipCar. If you would like to make use of this option, even if you have a ZipCar account, please reach out to the Fleet Coordinator at x2303 or by email at [email protected]
  • College driver using a rented car. You may arrange for any driver on the list of College employed Drivers for Hire to transport you using a vehicle rented from a commercial car rental company such as Enterprise.  NOTE:  You must ensure that the driver is listed as a driver on the car reservation.  

What am I no longer able to do if I want the College to pay for my trip—and why? 

  • College driver using a personal vehicle. You will no longer be reimbursed by the College if you have someone on the Drivers for Hire list drive your vehicle, their vehicle, or the vehicle of a friend, family member, or co-worker. We want to have some basic information about the safety of the vehicle and the sufficiency of insurance coverage.
  • Non-College driver using any vehicle.  You will no longer be reimbursed by the College if you have someone drive you who is not on the Drivers for Hire list. (Note: This does not apply to drivers with a licensed livery or taxi service, Lyft, or Uber.) We want to know that drivers have passed background checks and are paid in compliance with state and federal laws.

How does reimbursement or payment work for trips for College business? 

  • Reimbursement.  You will continue to seek reimbursement for mileage you put on your own car, amounts you pay to a livery service, and amounts you pay for a ZipCar or other rental car, assuming those requests for reimbursement are approved by your department.
  • Payment directly by College. If you use a College driver and College car, you will not pay for either the car or driver out of pocket. Instead, the driver will complete and submit a trip ticket and receive payment directly from the College. Please also note that the Drivers for Hire may not accept tips.

How do I book a Driver for Hire and College vehicle? 

  1. Confirm vehicle availability for the date in question with the Fleet Coordinator at x2302 or by email at [email protected].
  2. Once the vehicle is confirmed, contact a Driver for Hire from the list.
  3. Once the vehicle and driver are both confirmed, complete the vehicle reservation form to ensure that your trip is scheduled.

What options are available for students trying to get to and from campus? 

Students traveling for an approved college purpose may use any of the options described above, including using their own vehicle and seeking mileage reimbursement.

For personal travel, the College has contracted with shuttle services to take students to and from Boston, New York, and major airports around College breaks and over additional weekends throughout the year. There are also a number of regional transportation options available and a free local shuttle.

Please note that the Drivers for Hire list was created to facilitate transportation for College business in College vehicles. The College is not recommending or endorsing the use of any person on the Drivers for Hire list for personal use and makes no representations or warranties regarding such use. If you choose to contact a driver on the Driver for Hire list for personal use, your use of their services is entirely at your own risk, and you release Williams College, its trustees, officers, employees, and representatives from any liability arising out of your personal use of any driver or the services they provide.