Drivers for Hire

Drivers for College or Personal Use

The following drivers have in the past had college driving privileges.  This list is for informational purposes only.  It does not represent a recommendation, certificate of approval, or endorsement.  The College makes no representation and no warranties about these drivers, their skill, or their level of service.  Your use of their services is entirely at your own risk.

Most drivers will take you to all major airports, train stations, or other destinations within a 4 – 5 hr radius.  Rates vary as do additional charges (gas, tolls, parking, gratuity).  Vehicle options also vary (driver’s car, your car, college car).

Please make arrangements directly with the driver.

David Aitken
413-652-4771 cell
[email protected]

Global Link Travel
Airport/Car Service
Elizabeth Baker
802-442-8400 office
802-384-8410 cell
802-442-4810 fax
[email protected]

Howard Brookner
413-458-8564 home
413-822-3393 cell
[email protected]

Margaret Bye
[email protected]

Peter Corbin
413-458-8514 home
413-884-2409 cell
[email protected]

John Cronin
413-652-7217 cell
[email protected]

Carol Cutler
413-329-8623 cell
[email protected]

Carmen DeMarco
413-663-0810  cell
[email protected]

Joseph Doyle
413-743-5756 home
413-441-5338 cell
[email protected]
[email protected]

Gary Griswold
413-329-4700 cell

Alan Horbal
413-663-3842 home
413-822-4078 cell
[email protected]

Beth Johnson
413-458-5992 home
413-281-4112 cell
[email protected]

Robert Jones
413-884-3322 cell

Eric Joseph
708-828-3475 cell
[email protected]

Gregory Jowett

Richard Laing
413-441-3118 cell
[email protected]

Richard LaVigne
[email protected]
[email protected]

Fred Leber
[email protected]

John LeClair
413-281-4199 cell
413-663-9069 home
[email protected]

Dennis Lefave

Phil Lescarbeau
413-663-3609 home
413-652-4571 cell
[email protected]

Jeffry Markland
413-346-4869 home
561-702-4395 cell
[email protected]

Marlon Moore
[email protected]

Alan Neveau
413-672-8115 cell
[email protected]

Jack Nogueira
413-458-5393 home
413-884-4904 cell
[email protected]

Norm’s Airport
Limo Service

Edward Richer

Stephen Rondeau
[email protected]
[email protected]

Carmella Scarselletta
413-329-1452 cell
[email protected]

Ruth Zappula
413-664-7403 home
413-652-1019 cell
[email protected]