Construction Projects

Fort Bradshaw (aka The Fort)

175 South Street Architect: Mesick, Cohen, Wilson, Baker Architects. General Contractor: A/Z Corporation Williams Project Manager: Julie Sniezek Building Committee: Michael Briggs, Rita Coppola-Wallace, Mike Evans, Marc Gotlieb, Kathryn Grifith, Michael Hartman, Scott Henderson, Ken Jensen, Nora… Continue reading »

Morgan Hall Roof Replacement

Architect: Mesick Cohen Wilson Baker Architects, LLP, Albany, NY Contractor: Wooliver Roofing, Lanesboro, MA Start date: 5/22/19 End date: On or before 12/20/19   Scope of Work to include removal of the existing slate and flashing and replacing with new slate and flashing. Continue reading »

The Davis Center

Architect: TBD GC: TBD Anticipated Completion: 2022 The Davis Center is presently housed in three adjacent buildings:  Hardy House, Jenness House, and Rice House.  Built in the mid-to-late 1800’s, these three structures provide approximately 15,800 gsf… Continue reading »

Library Shelving Facility

Location: 835 Simonds Road Architect: Russell, Scott, Steedle & Capone Architects, Inc. Construction Manager:  Barr & Barr, Inc. Williams Project Manager:  Julie Sniezek Building Committee:  Rita Coppola-Wallace, Tina Olsen, Lisa Dorin, Diane Hart, Julie Sniezek, Jason Moran,… Continue reading »

Center for Development Economics Residence Hall

Location:  1067 Main Street Owner’s Project Manager:  Colliers International Architect:  PBDW Architects General Contractor:  Cummings General Contractor Williams Project Manager:  Theresa Sawyer Building Committee:  Gerald Caprio, Thomas Powers, Rachel Louis, Amy Johns, Ken Jensen, David Dewey, Rita Coppola-Wallace, Theresa Sawyer Completion Date:  December 2018 Zero… Continue reading »

Saint Anthony Hall Restoration

Location:  1065 Main Street Architect:  Centerline Architects General Contractor: Stewart Construction, Inc. Williams Project Manager:  Theresa Sawyer Building Committee: Gerald Caprio, Thomas Powers, Rachel Louis, Amy Johns, Ken Jensen, David Dewey, Rita Coppola-Wallace, Theresa Sawyer Anticipated Completion:  October 2019   The current Saint Anthony Hall (CDE) building will… Continue reading »

Williams Inn

Location: 101 Spring Street Architect:  Cambridge Seven Associates Construction Manager:  Engelberth Construction, Inc. Williams Project Manager:  Mike Wood Building Committee for the Inn:  Amy Johns, Brian Teal, Gerard Caprio, James Kolesar, Joe Finnegan, John Skavlem, Linda Conway, Marc Gotlieb, Rita Coppola-Wallace, Scott Henderson Anticipated Completion: … Continue reading »