Frosh Quad

Location:  Chapin Drive north between Sage Hall and Williams Hall
Landscape Architect:  Stephen Stimpson Associates
Contractor:  Maxymillian
Williams Project Manager:  Bruce Decoteau
Anticipated Completion Date:  August 2016

The Frosh Quad sees an enormous amount of use almost on a daily basis. As a result of this, the lawn area is very compacted and grass will not grow. The ground surrounding the beautiful oak trees has also become extremely compacted over the years and as a result, the tree growth has been negatively impacted. In the center of the Frosh Quad, dirt and mud are commonplace and the whole area is a bit of an eyesore. Early this summer the Freshman Quad will be completely renovated and by August the area will return to its original beauty.


Project Details:

TREE ROOT PRESERVATION will be implemented by a combination of approaches:

  • Extending the Gargoyle Fence to the east to meet the sidewalk along Chapin Drive north and all the way around the Quad in the area of the trees will help to preclude compaction by directing pedestrian traffic to remain on the hard surface walks.
  • Planting groundcover at the critical tree root zone. This groundcover will be a combination of different plants; English Ivy, Vinca and Sweet Woodruff with crocus and daffodils mixed in for spring bloom. The groundcover blend at Frosh Quad will be extended to across Chapin Hall Drive under existing heritage oaks at west façade of Chapin Hall.
  • A grading approach that will passively direct runoff and storm water to the groundcover and tree areas.


  • All paths will be removed from the lawn area to allow for just grass in this area.
  • The center lawn area will be removed to about 24” – 30” and replaced with a specialized engineered soil with drainage panels that will allow for proper root establishment and drainage.
  • Width of the lawn to be minimum 72’ wide to provide flexibility for tent set up.
  • Lawn in the quad to be sodded, quad might need to be fenced off for 60 days after 
  • Possibility of using sonotubes with I-bolt for tent set up as an alternate to staking with guy 
wire. We are doing additional research on this.
  • No irrigation
  • Electrical panel will be added; possibly two, for the tents


  • All hard surface paths will be a minimum of 6’ wide to allow for ease of plowing
  • All new pedestrian circulation will be through the existing EW paths along Williams and Sage Halls and new EW concrete paths along the perimeter of the lawn area.
  • No diagonal paths to be placed on the lawn.
  • Based on the possibility of future desired lines, WC will assess if diagonal paths are needed.
  • Bollards will be placed at the beginning of all paths on the Chapin Hall Drive side to discourage vehicular movement.
  • Five (5) marble benches to be placed along the lawn edge at Chapin Hall Drive to act as 
bollards. Total # of marble benches = 13.
  • Area for Pods will be concentrated along the east side of Chapin Hall Drive


  • Existing issues with ponding at the base of the gate on the Park Street side. Grade will be raised to coordinate with new grading at the Quad. Gate will need to be raised as well.