Library Shelving Facility

Location: 835 Simonds Road

Architect: Russell, Scott, Steedle & Capone Architects, Inc.

Construction Manager:  Barr & Barr, Inc.

Williams Project Manager:  Julie Sniezek

Building Committee:  Rita Coppola-Wallace, Tina Olsen, Lisa Dorin, Diane Hart, Julie Sniezek, Jason Moran, David Chalifoux, Barbara Palmer, Ken Jensen

Completed:  January 2019

Construction of the Phase 2 Module of the Library Shelving Facility (LSF) was completed in January of 2019.  Originally slated to be an expansion of the library’s storage facility, the module has been designed to accommodate some of the College’s ever changing art collection, which is currently stored off site.  A seemingly simple concrete building, the structure includes a highly sophisticated climate control system to protect the integrity of its valuable contents.