Construction Projects

Hewat House Alterations

Location: 100 Hoxsey Street Architect:  edm General Contractor:  Wright Builders Williams Project Manager:  Scott Henderson Anticipated Completion:  July 2018   Hewat House is undergoing a change of use from faculty and staff housing to offices and meeting space for Thompson Health Center (Student Health and Wellness Services). Continue reading »

Christmas Brook Culvert Replacement and Public Parking Lot

Location:  Weston Field, Latham Street, Facilities Building, Meacham Street, Town Owned Dirt Parking Lot, and Water Street (Culvert)/101 Spring Street (Parking Lot) Engineer:  Fuss & O’Neill Engineers General Contractor:  Maxymillian Technologies, Inc. (Culvert)/Engelberth Construction, Inc. (Parking Lot) Williams Project Manager:  Jason Moran… Continue reading »

Garfield House

Location:  45 South Street Architect:  SGA Construction Manager:  Engelberth Construction Company, Inc. Williams Project Manager:  Bruce Decoteau Building Committee:  Rita Coppola-Wallace, Bruce Decoteau, Amy Johns, Doug Schiazza, Mike Evans, Brian Teal, Kenny Jensen, Eugene Johnson, Steve Klass, Steven Nafziger, Anna Leonard, Jeffrey Rubel, Kiara Gordon, Ross Hoffman,… Continue reading »

Goodrich Hall Envelope Restoration

Location: 863 Main Street Architect:  Christopher Williams Architects Construction Manager:  Allegrone Construction, Inc. Williams Project Manager:  Shaun Garvey Anticipated Completion:  May 2018   Goodrich Hall is a Gothic Revival limestone building constructed in 1859 to serve as the College Chapel, Alumni Hall, and classroom space. The building… Continue reading »

Science Center Renewal Project-North Building

North Science Center from Quad

Location North Building:  Hoxsey Street Architect:  Payette Architects Construction Manager:  Barr and Barr Williams Project Manager:  Diana Randall Building Committees: Classroom Committee: Barron Koralesky, Isabella Huang, JoAnne Moran, Kath Kilventon, Lois Banta, Rita Coppola-Wallace, Tiku Majumder, Thomas P. Murtagh, Amy Gehring, David Tucker-Smith, Jonathan Leamon,… Continue reading »

New Williams Inn

Location: Base of Spring Street on Denison Park Drive, in the current storage barn area Architect: Cambridge 7 Associates Construction Manager: TBD Williams Project Manager: Mike Wood Building Committee: Jerry Caprio, Linda Conway, Rita Coppola-Wallace, Marc Gotlieb, Jim Kolesar, Joe Finnegan, Scott Henderson, Amy Johns, John Skavlem, Brian Teal and… Continue reading »

The Williams Bookstore

Location:  Corner of Spring and Walden Streets Architect:  Cambridge Seven Associates, Inc. Construction Manager:  Engelberth Construction Company Williams Project Manager:  Mike Wood Building Committee:  Karen Shepard, Lee Park, EJ Johnson, David Pilachowski, Ken Jensen, Amy Johns, Mike Wood, Rita Coppola-Wallace Anticipated Completion:  August 2017 The… Continue reading »