Sawyer Demolition & New Quad

Location:  Park Street to the Sawyer Library
Landscape Architect:  Stephen Stimson Associates Architects
Contractor:  Maxymillian
Williams Project Manager: Bruce Decoteau
Anticipated Completion:  Fall 2016

The Sawyer Demolition and New Quad Project is a multi-phased transformational project that will create a new pedestrian friendly green space/academic quad in the heart of campus and complete the east/west axis from the 62’ Center to the new Sawyer Library.

Phase One [2015]

During the summer of 2015 the old Sawyer Library was demolished and replaced with temporary blacktop sidewalks and turf. The temporary blacktop sidewalks in the quad will be replaced with concrete walks and the extensive landscape plan within that space will be implemented. Concrete walks that traverse the quad at various locations will also be added and to this end, we encourage all to stray off the blacktop paths in an effort to create more convenient and logical paths to your destinations. In this way we will have a better idea as to final locations for these walks. A new plaza was created in front of Stetson Hall to compliment the significance of that historical structure and complete the entrance to the new Sawyer library. The parking lot behind the First Congregational Church was re-built, a new thirty space lot was created behind Chapin Hall and the south end of Chapin Drive was widened to accommodate the changes that will be implemented in the summer of 2016.

Phase Two [2016]

Chapin Drive will be closed to through traffic with access only to the First Congregational lot from Main Street. The south end of the drive will be returned to two-way service to accommodate that change. Retractable bollards will be installed at critical locations to allow access for emergency vehicles and occasional deliveries to the front of Chapin and Paresky.

A new rain garden/bio-swale will be established on the south side of Hollander Hall to mitigate water runoff from the site. The existing concrete stairs that connect Chapin plaza with the new quad area will be replaced with a series of granite steps surrounded by large marble blocks that will create opportunities for gathering and social interaction. Chapin Drive and the plaza in front of Chapin Hall will also be reconstructed with brick and granite pavers that will complement the more predominantly pedestrian features of these spaces.

Construction Progress: