The Davis Center

Architect: TBD
Anticipated Completion: 2022
The Davis Center is presently housed in three adjacent buildings:  Hardy House, Jenness House, and Rice House.  Built in the mid-to-late 1800’s, these three structures provide approximately 15,800 gsf of space for the Center’s various functions.  Adjacent to these three buildings is Chandler House.  This 2,500 gsf building or its site may be incorporated into the Davis Center program and inventory of spaces.  Nonetheless, the combined 18,000+ gsf is likely inadequate to meet the present and emerging programmatic needs of the Center, and extensive renovation and new construction is anticipated.  All of the buildings require replacement or upgrades to most systems, including without limitation, structural, envelope, mechanical, and electrical systems.  Finishes throughout will be replaced.  All buildings, renovated or new, will be fully accessible and subject to rigorous sustainable goals.