Walden Street Temporary Parking Lot

This is advance notice that we may need to close the temporary parking lot that was just opened last week at Walden Street. This is not the parking area in front of Doughty House. Due to the extreme weather and the heavy rain expected today, the condition of this lot is marginal. We are going to stage a police detail in this area and we are going to monitor the conditions of the lot throughout the day. If at any point the lot becomes worse then it is now, we will have to close it for the day.

It will be proposed that a construction crew will be onsite in this lot tonight from 7-10PM making any necessary adjustments to the lot before the lot freezes so that it can be ready for use for tomorrow morning.
Additional circulation of this email will be greatly appreciated.
Any questions, let me know.


Jason Moran
Senior Project Manager
Williams College