Frequently Asked Questions

Work Orders: What do I do if I have previously submitted a work request and I need to make a change to it?

Email Tom Aliberti ([email protected]) with the change or call him at x5036. Please do not submit another web request for the change.

Storage: When is storage open on campus?

September - May: All Buildings are open every Wednesday from 10am - 12pm.

June - August: (Summer Storage) International students store in Greylock, Summer students (working on campus) store in Armstrong. Your Swipe ID will give you access.

Athletic Facilities Hours: What are the ice rink hours? What are the hours for the Towne Field House?

For Ice Rink hours, please call the Ice Line at (413) 597-2433.

For Towne Field House and all other facilities please visit:

Hardware: I need a tool, can I borrow one?

We do not loan out tools to students, however, if you need something fixed or worked on you can stop at Facilities (60 Latham Street) and go to the Carpentry Shop. Someone would be happy to help you.

What do I do if my room is too Hot or Cold?

Please contact the service line at (413) 597-2486 and report it right away.

If it is after hours or on a weekend, please contact security at (413) 597-4444.

I have lost my room key, what do I do?

If you searched for your key and absolutely can't find it, please contact the service line at (413) 597-2486 and report it. A new key will be issued (time varies) but guaranteed in 24 hours from the time you report it. You will have a $25 charge on your term bill for the replacement.

My window is broken (won't shut, won't open, glass is shattered), what should I do?

Please contact the Facilities Service Line at (413) 597-2486 and report it, Monday - Friday 7am - 4:30pm.

If it's after hours or a weekend please call security at (413) 597-4444.

I'm interested in getting a van (12 passenger) - how do I go about getting one?

First you need to go to  Once filled out, contact College Cars at (413) 597-2302 to see if you're approved or not.