Capital Improvement Requests

Instructions for Completion


STEP 1 – APPLICATION: Please fill out the upper portion of the form and submit no later than November 2nd to have your request be considered for inclusion in the following fiscal year budget. You are welcome to attach additional information or sketches as you feel necessary.

STEP 2 – INITIAL REVIEW: Facilities will review your request to ensure that the description of work is complete and includes applicable sustainability, code, and deferred maintenance requirements. Once the scope of work is fully defined, the assigned project manager may contact the requester to discuss the project scope, justification and its preliminary schedule.

STEP 3 – REQUEST COMPLETION: After working with the project manager to refine the scope of work and schedule, the requester will be asked to approve and sign the finalized Capital Improvement Request form. This assures that the details of the Capital Improvement Request are understood and accepted by both the requester and Facilities.

STEP 4 – BUDGET PROCESS: The completed Capital Improvement Request will be considered in the annual budget process. Facilities, the Committee on Priorities and Resources, the Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives, and the President’s staff will all participate in the evaluation of these requests. Decisions concerning Capital Improvement Requests will be communicated as soon as possible after the Board of Trustees approves the College budget at its April meeting.