Wachenheim Science Center

Location: 18 Hoxsey Street
Architect:  Payette Architects
Construction Manager:  Barr and Barr
Williams Project Manager:  Diana Randall
Classroom Committee: Barron Koralesky, Isabella Huang, JoAnne Moran, Kath Kilventon, Lois Banta, Rita Coppola-Wallace, Tiku Majumder, Thomas P. Murtagh, Amy Gehring, David Tucker-Smith, Jonathan Leamon, Mea Cook, Susan Loepp, Steven Fein
Interiors Committee: JoAnne Moran, Lori A. Pedersen, Laura Smalarz, Mihai Stoiciu, Mea Cook, Phoebe Cohen, Safa Zaki
Completion:  February 2021

Williams College has been renovating and expanding its science center facilities to create needed labs and classrooms, to modernize facilities, and to bring them into compliance with modern academic and code standards. The north science building addition project, now known as the Wachenheim Science Center, included the removal and replacement of Bronfman Science Center with a slightly larger building which houses more flexible space, including classrooms, a larger auditorium, labs, offices, and collaborative spaces for Math/Stats, Psychology, and Geoscience Departments.

Installed adjacent to the new auditorium is a 40 foot long authentic dinosaur trackway showing eubrontes giganteus footprints extracted from Holyoke, MA.  In addition, as part of the north science addition project, a Geoscience Rock Garden was installed which contains local, regional and national rock specimens now used for Geoscience teaching.  Some of the large rock specimens contained in the rock garden include Columbia River Basalt, Petrified Wood, Mylonite, Sugarloaf Formation (Arkosic Conglomerate), Hamilton Group Fossiliferous limestone, Silver Plume Granite, Hawley Formation Crowsfoot Schist, Goshen Formation Schist, Gore Mountain Garnet Amphibolite, Animikie Group (Banded Iron Formation) and Stockbridge Marble.

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