Science Center Renewal Project - North Building

Location North Building:  Hoxsey Street
Architect:  Payette Architects
Construction Manager:  Barr and Barr
Williams Project Manager:  Diana Randall
Building Committees:
Classroom Committee: Barron Koralesky, Isabella Huang, JoAnne Moran, Kath Kilventon, Lois Banta, Rita Coppola-Wallace, Tiku Majumder, Thomas P. Murtagh, Amy Gehring, David Tucker-Smith, Jonathan Leamon, Mea Cook, Susan Loepp, Steven Fein
Interiors Committee: JoAnne Moran, Lori A. Pedersen, Laura Smalarz, Rita Coppola-Wallace, Mihai Stoiciu, Mea Cook, Phoebe Cohen, Safa Zaki
Anticipated Completion:  January 2021

Williams College is renovating and expanding its science center facilities to create needed labs and classrooms, to modernize facilities, and to bring them into compliance with modern academic and code standards. The North addition includes the removal and replacement of Bronfman Science Center with a similarly sized building which will house more flexible space, including classrooms, a large auditorium, labs, offices, and collaborative spaces for Math/Stats, Psychology, and Geoscience Departments.

UPDATE: (4/23/2020)

This North Science construction update provides an overview of impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic and Massachusetts Governor Baker’s emergency orders. Please note however the dynamic nature of governmental work stoppages, and manpower and materials availability which may further alter progress on the project.

  • Work on the construction site was temporarily suspended on April 1, 2020 pursuant to the Governor’s March 31, 2020 order, which only deemed public construction and construction directly related to COVID-19 as essential services. This order is scheduled to expire on May 4, 2020 but may be extended.  The College is following the direction set forth by the Governor’s Office with regard to when and how construction will resume.
  • The construction schedule will be extended in direct proportion to government-imposed suspension of activities. However, assuming construction resumes on or close to May 4, 2020, this extension will be off-set by 5 days based on the assumption that on-site work will now be allowed during Williams’ May Reading/Exam period due to a minimum number of students present on-campus during this time. Barring any governmental extensions past the May 4, 2020 date and assuming manpower and material supplies return to pre-COVID-19 levels, it is anticipated that faculty and staff will move into the North Science building in early 2021 with expectations of full use of the building starting Spring 2021.
  • During the on-site work stoppage, the North Science design and construction management team have worked remotely to evaluate and mitigate both schedule and budget impacts. In addition, the contractor has maintained site security, safety, and weathertight conditions during the stoppage period. We continue to push forward hoping for a robust remobilization once the work stoppage orders have been lifted.

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Renderings and Construction: