Garfield House

Location:  45 South Street
Architect:  SGA
Construction Manager:  Engelberth Construction Company, Inc.
Williams Project Manager:  Bruce Decoteau/ Jason Moran
Building Committee:  Rita Coppola-Wallace, Bruce Decoteau, Amy Johns, Doug Schiazza, Mike Evans, Brian Teal, Kenny Jensen, Eugene Johnson, Steve Klass, Steven Nafziger, Anna Leonard, Jeffrey Rubel, Kiara Gordon, Ross Hoffman, Sam Gowen, Troy Sipprelle
Completion:  July 2019

The Garfield House Project is being designed as a high performance wood framed building using the “Passive House” design criteria and philosophy. This represents the most stringent energy performance criteria in the industry today and focuses heavily on a well-insulated airtight envelope, high performance windows, and high efficiency energy recovery. The forty bed, 16,000 sq/ft structure will include ten double and twenty single bedrooms, a full kitchen, dining room & living room areas, laundry facilities, and bike storage, as well as multiple gathering spaces strategically located throughout the residence hall.

Garfield House Residence Hall-Sustainability Brochure Tour