Christmas Brook Culvert Replacement and Public Parking Lot

Location:  Weston Field, Latham Street, Facilities Building, Meacham Street, Town Owned Dirt Parking Lot, and Water Street (Culvert)/101 Spring Street (Parking Lot)
Engineer:  Fuss & O’Neill Engineers
General Contractor:  Maxymillian Technologies, Inc. (Culvert)/Engelberth Construction, Inc. (Parking Lot)
Williams Project Manager:  Jason Moran
Anticipated Completion:  Fall/Winter 2018 (Culvert)/May 2019 (Parking Lot)

Culvert Replacement:

This project will replace the existing, undersized drainage system that conveys water from Christmas Brook to the Green River.  There’s a very large part of town in which every drop of rain that falls and every flake of snow that melts eventually flows, via Christmas Brook, into a culvert that begins just across Latham Street from Tunnel City.  In major storms this culvert overflows, sometimes filling the middle of town.  The new culvert will be installed in the area along Latham and Meacham Streets ending at the Green River along Water Street.  The work is scheduled to begin in the Fall of 2017 and be completed in the Fall of 2018.

Public Parking Lot Reconfiguration:

The planned scope of work is to increase the amount of parking at the public parking lot located at the base of Spring Street along with installing stormwater control devices that will complement the culvert replacement project.  Parking counts will increase by approximately 17 spaces within the new lot.  There will be subsurface stormwater structures installed beneath the parking lot that will help reduce the overall flooding in this area.