Center for Development Economics

Location:  1065 Main Street
Architect:  Centerline Architects
General Contractor: Engelberth Construction, Inc.
Williams Project Manager:  Theresa Sawyer
Building Committee: Gerald Caprio, Thomas Powers, Rachel Louis, Amy Johns, Ken Jensen, David Dewey, Rita Coppola-Wallace, Theresa Sawyer
Anticipated Completion:  March 2020

This project was completed to meet the needs of the graduate level program for the Center for Development Economics (CDE).  This project included removal of the residential housing aspects in the building and introduced a small addition on the South side of the building to create circulation space.  Additionally, the two classrooms were improved and two additional classrooms were added, we also added additional study and administrative spaces.  Social spaces and the kitchen spaces were expanded.  Where possible, original finishes were restored to maintain the history of the building, mechanical system upgrades were completed as well as adding central air conditioning.  A mini-campus for the CDE program was created which includes the CDE, an exterior courtyard and Fellows Hall, which is the residential housing building for the CDE Fellows.  This project was completed in March, 2020 and received LEED Gold certification in September, 2022.