The Boathouse

Location: Onota Lane, Pittsfield
Architect: Peterson Architects
General ContractorDavid J. Tierney Jr. INC
Williams Project Manager:Theresa Sawyer
Building Committee:Lisa Melendy, Jill Campbell, Marc Mandel, Paula Thoms, Sean McGrath, Rita Coppola-Wallace, Theresa Sawyer
Anticipated Completion: Spring, 2024
The Boathouse Project encompasses both a new dock and a new building for the Williams Crew Team.  The boathouse is being designed by Peterson Architects, who specializes in the design of boathouses.  The new boathouse will be nearly 7,500 sq. ft. on a single level to accommodate the storage of rowing equipment and supplies, a team room, a shop and office area for coaches, restroom facilities, and cubbies for the athletes.  The dock will be new and repositioned to better support the crew program.  Demolition of the current building and construction of the new boathouse is slated to begin in the Spring of 2023 with completion and occupancy for the Spring 2024 crew season.