The Davis Center Project

Location: 10 Morley Drive
Architect:  Leers Weinzapfel Associates/J. Garland Enterprises
Construction Manager:  TBD
Williams Project Manager:  Scott Henderson
Building Committee:  Bilal Ansari, Laylah Ali, Michael Amann, Tom Bona, Keenan Chenail, Paula Consolini, Rita Coppola-Wallace, Julius Dodson, Lisa Dorin, Mike Evans, Valerie Bailey Fisher, Chris Goh, Leticia Haynes, Janine Heatherington, Maria Heredia, Molly Magavern, Ngonidzashe Munemo, Michael Nettesheim, Sonia Nyarko, Shiara Pyrrhus, Novera Rahman, Jonathan Saulsbery, Keara Sternberg, G.L. Wallace, Carmen Whalen, Clinton Williams
Anticipated Completion:  September 2022
The Davis Center Project is in the early stages of planning a project that will strengthen and support the basic mission of the Center, which promotes equity, celebrates diversity, and provides support so that all students regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic class, first-generation status, religion, ability, and other intersectional identities can succeed at Williams. Through several months of outreach efforts and committee input, the project team has focused on two conceptual design strategies that both meet the programmatic needs of the Center and meet the construction budget of $14M. In addition to the mission and goals of the Center, the College is also assigning high standards for energy use and sustainability for the project. Living Building Challenge 3.1 petal certification will be the primary goal, with a strong focus on Energy Use Index for both renovated buildings and new construction. Of the existing 3 houses, the current conceptual design strategies are proposing to maintain Jenness House and some portion of Rice House.
This project is currently on hold due to the Corona Virus.