Energy and Carbon Master Plan

Location: The entire core of the 450 acre campus (not including off campus properties).

Engineer: RMF Engineering. 

Pre-Construction Manager: Arch Energy (subsidiary of Consigli Construction)  

Williams Project Manager:  Jason Moran

Building Committee:  TBD

Anticipated Completion:  TBD


  • Roadmap that will assist us in reducing energy consumption and in migrating away from fossil fuel combustion on campus.
  • Goal is to reduce our scope one and scope two carbon emissions from 1990-91 levels by 80 percent.

a)     Scope one emissions are emissions associated with fuel combustion in boilers, furnaces, and College- owned vehicles.

b)    Scope two emissions are indirect emissions from the generation of purchased energy from a utility provider (electricity, gas, etc.)

  • The College is partnering with RMF Engineering and Arch Energy in close collaboration with the team from Sasaki, to create this plan.
  • Exploring solutions such as high-temperature solar thermal, heat recovery chillers, sewage heat recovery, solar (PV), wind, and battery storage.
  •  Exploring synergies/opportunities with the museum project and the Campus Plan as these two projects take shape.
  •  Reviewing the Inflation Recovery Act and the potential implications/opportunities