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Over the past 18 months, the College has been working to overhaul the Capital Improvement Request (CIR) process to offer both a more strategically aligned framework as well as more transparency surrounding the process. The college has engaged the services of Allovance, a strategic decision-making algorithm software focused on the capital renewal efforts of organizations, to assist in the CIR process. The Allovance method is designed to provide quantitative measurements of the qualitative inputs that create friction during the decision-making process. This is accomplished through the employment of a strategic value scorecard. The strategic value scorecard is comprised of the weighted distribution of high-level strategic priorities, and subsequent strategic objectives, which are quantified on a scale of desirability. These mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive objectives allow us to view each request through three distinct and separate lenses; strategic alignment, urgency, and complexity.

Members of the PD&C team have been assigned Divisional Contacts with whom they collaborate to plan their CIR’s for both the upcoming FY, as well as working towards a 5-year plan. CIRs are collected and reviewed, similar to the old process, but the scoring has been developed by subject matter experts within the College in order to maximize the strategic alignment. A lot has been learned in these past few months as we processed the first round of CIRs through the Allovance system and we will continue to make refinements to the process. It is our hope to establish a CIR process that will in turn the become a proactive strategic planning tool for small projects, rather than a reactive device for deferred maintenance.

For a list of CIR Divisional Contacts, please refer to this page.