Sustainability Center

zilkha_logoWilliams College is committed to sustainable building construction and maintenance of all of its properties, whether it be the use of solar energy, green lighting and materials, building ventilation, or campus-wide water conservation. The College’s sustainability initiatives are consolidated under one roof, called the Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives, committed to protecting and enhancing the natural and built environment at Williams College.

Please visit the Zilkha Center website for information about renewable energy programs, building energy use data, and other student projects that are helping to  create a more sustainable campus.

Class of 1966 Environmental Center

In early 2011, the Kellogg Building Committee and Black River Design, the architect, began design efforts with a thorough evaluation of needs for a project that will house the Center for Environmental Studies and the Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives. The Committee determined the program requirements, found opportunities for synergy among spaces, and minimized energy demands of the combined Centers. Integrated Eco Strategy a consulting firm with growing expertise in LBC buildings was hired to help shepherd the college through the LBC process.

“Sustainability Tour” Brochure

Fellows Hall-Sustainability Brochure Tour

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