Property Book

Adams Block

Adams Block, 2012
Commercial property on Spring Street.

Adams Memorial Theatre

Adams Memorial Theatre, 2012
Named for John Quincy Adams, 1941.

Agard House

Agard House, 2008
Named for Harry L. Agard, 1920. Former home of Delta Phi.

B&L Building

B&L Building, 2005
Named for the B&L Service Station.

Bascom House

Bascom House, 2012
Named for John Bascom, Class of 1849. Former Beta Theta Pi house.

Bernhard Music Center

Bernhard Music Center, 2004
Named for Arnold Bernhard, Class of 1925. Built in 1978. Houses Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall, a popular auditorium space.

Bronfman Science Center

Bronfman Science Center
Named for Edgar M. Bronfman, class of 1950. Built in 1968.

Brooks House

Brooks House, 2012
Named for Captain Belvidere Brooks, class of 1910. Former home of Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Carter House

Carter House
Named for Franklin Carter. Built in 1965. Part of the Greylock Quad.

Chadbourne House

Chadbourne House, 2012
Named for Paul Ansel Chadbourne, class of 1848 and 5th president of the college. Formerly Keck House. Built in 1920.

Chandler Athletic Center

Chandler Gym, 2004
Named for John Wesley Chandler, 12th president of Williams.

Chandler Commercial

Chandler Commercial, 2012
Built in 1987 as part of the Chandler Athletic Center. Retail space for a sandwich shop, newsroom, and jeweler.

Chapin Hall

Chapin Hall, 2008
Originally called Grace Hall, Chapin is named for Alfred Clark Chapin, class of 1869.

Clark Hall

Clark Hall, 2012
Named for Edward Clark, Class of 1831 and Trustee 1878-82. Home of the Geosciences Department.

Class of ’37 House

Class of '37 House, 2012
Safety & Environmental Compliance offices. Williams College Employees Federal Credit Union.

Currier Hall

Currier Hall, 2012
Named for Lura Ormsbee Currier. Built in 1908.

Danforth Building

Danforth Block, 2012
The Danforth Block houses commercial space on the first floor and eight rental units above.

Driscoll Dining Hall

Driscoll Dining Hall, 2004
Named for Alfred E. Driscoll, class of 1925. Built in 1963.

Droppers House

Droppers House, 2012
Named for Garrett Droppers, Professor of Political Economy 1907-24. Home of Dining Services' administrative offices.

Fayerweather Hall

Fayerweather Hall, 2012
Named for Daniel F. Fayerweather. Built in 1842. Formerly South College.

Fitch House

Fitch House, 2012
Named for Ebenezer Fitch. Formerly Berkshire Hall. Upper class student housing.

Garfield House

Garfield House, 2003
Named for Henry Augustus Garfield, 1885. Former Delta Upsilon fraternity house. Upperclass student housing.

Griffin Hall

Griffin Hall, 2007
Named for Edward Dorr Griffin, third president of Williams. Built in 1828. Classroom building.

Hardy House

Hardy House, 2012
Named for Williams professor James G. Hardy. Gender & Sexuality Resource Center, Special Academic Programs.


Harper House, 2008
Center for Environmental Studies and Zilkha Center.

Hopkins Hall

Hopkins Hall, 2011
Main administration building. Named for President Mark Hopkins.

Hopkins Observatory

Hopkins Observatory, 2012
Built in 1837 by Albert Hopkins and his students, the observatory has been moved twice.

Jenness House

Jenness House
Named for Arthur Freeman Jenness, Professor of Psychology, 1946-65. Built in 1895.

Jesup Hall

Jesup Hall, 2012
Named for Morris Ketchum Jesup. Built in 1899. Houses the Office for Information Technology.

Lansing Chapman Rink

Lansing Chapman Rink
Named for William Lansing Chapman, Class of 1910. Built in 1953.

Lehman Hall

Lehman Hall, 2012
Named for Herbert Lehman, Class of 1899. Student housing.

Log, The

The Log, 2012
The Log/Alumni House.

Mason House

Mason House, 2012
Faculty offices.

Mather House

Mather House, 2012
Named for Benjamin F. Mather. Experiential Education, Academic Program Coordinator, and Spouse/Partner Employment Counselor.

Miller House

Miller House, 2004
Psychology offices and labs. Built in 1894.

Parking Garage

Parking Garage, 2005
Located behind the '62 Center for Theatre and Dance. Built in 2002.

Perry House

Perry House, 2012
Named for Arthur Latham Perry, class of 1852, and his sons. Formerly the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity house.

President’s House

President's House, 2012
Formerly the president's house. Built 1801.

Quinn House

Quinn House, 2012
College rental housing. Two apartments.

Saint Anthony Hall

St. Anthony Hall, 2012
Center for Development Economics. Former Delta Psi House. Built in 1886.

Sawyer Library

Sawyer Library, 2009
Named for John Edward Sawyer, Class of 1939 and Williams President 1961-73.

Sears Bungalow

Sears Bungalow
Built in 1929. Used for office space.

Siskind House/Historic House in Williamstown Available for Moving

Siskind House, 2012
Located off Walden Street behind the Science Center.

Southworth Schoolhouse

Southworth Schoolhouse, 2004
Temporary home of Archives and Chapin Library during construction of the New Sawyer Library.

Thompson Biology Labs

Thompson Biology Lab, 2012
Built in 1893, Thompson Bio houses classrooms, labs, and faculty offices.

Thompson Chemistry Labs

Thompson Chemistry, 2012
Classrooms, labs, and faculty offices.

Thompson Physical Labs

Thompson Physical Lab, 2012
Built in 1893. Labs, classrooms and faculty offices for Physics, Astrophysics, and Astronomy.

Towne Field House

Towne Field House
Named for Herbert S. Towne, Class of 1921.

Tyler Annex

Tyler Annex
Built in 1972. Student housing.

Tyler House

Tyler House
Named for Lt. John Cowperthwaite Tyler, Class of 1915. Former Psi Upsilon fraternity house.

Vogt House

Vogt House, 2012
Named for Carl W. Vogt, Williams grad, trustee, and president.

West College

West College, 2012
The oldest building on campus once housed the entire student body, classrooms, dining hall, library and chapel.

Weston Hall

Weston Hall, 2012
Named for Karl Ephraim Weston, Class of 1896. Formerly the Phi Delta Theta house, 1905.

Wild House

Wild House, 2012
College rental housing.

Williams College Children’s Center

Children's Center, 2008
Opened in 2007.

Williams Hall

Williams Hall, 2005
Named for Colonel Ephraim Williams. First-Year student dorm.

Wood House

Wood House, 2012
Named for Hamilton B. Wood, Class of 1910. Student housing.

Woodbridge House

Woodbridge House 2012
Student co-op housing.
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