Appliances in Office Areas

Appliance use in offices is limited to reduce environmental impacts, ensure safe and reliable electricity, reduce fire risks, and to comply with safety best practices and regulations.  Appliances of all kinds contribute to overloaded building electrical systems, business interruptions, and most importantly, fire risk in the workplace.  In addition to this general caution, using electrical appliances not approved for commercial use presents further potential safety hazards and risk of damage to your office equipment or property.

In addition to risks to life and property, proliferating appliances add to our carbon emissions, contain electronic and refrigerant wastes, and can cause water, pest, odors, or other damage.

The College will provide appliances where a medical or other approved accommodation dictates. To discuss an accomodation, contact Toya Camacho who serves as the ADA officer for faculty and staff.

Please refrain from bringing personal household appliances to work. Safety is the responsibility of every employee and you can help us keep our workplace environment safe.