Decoration and Student Construction Policy

Students must be careful when hanging posters, framed prints, mirrors, bulletin boards, etc. as all costs associated with the repair of wall or ceiling damage are billed to room occupants.

Do not use nails. For hanging posters, photos, and calendars, use “fun–tack” which is available at local school and business supply stores. An exception to this policy occurs in Tyler Annex and the Greylock Quad, which have masonry walls. Masking tape should be used instead.

Large expanses of flammable fabric, such as burlap or parachute silk, must not be hung as wall coverings or room dividers; this sort of decoration violates state fire codes and will be removed.

Construction by students of built–in furniture or room dividers is not allowed within dormitories or residential houses.

Beds from home (see Bed Bug Policy), waterbeds, lofts and cinder blocks are strictly prohibited from all student residence areas. Trampolines, swimming pools, and hot tubs are also prohibited on student residential premises.

Students are responsible for the College furniture provided in their rooms. They will be charged the cost of replacement if they fail to return it. Bookshelves, record cabinets, or other free–standing furniture may be moved into college buildings provided they do not interfere with the normal maintenance and cleaning of the room. Such furniture must not be affixed to or wedged against floor, wall, or ceiling surfaces. Students will be asked to remove unacceptable furniture or the College will remove it at the occupant’s expense.

The furniture supplied to students does not lend itself to easy movement through the building. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary damage, furniture may not be moved from rooms in these buildings.

Violations of construction and decoration regulations will result in a note being left in the room advising the occupant to correct the violation. If violations are not corrected promptly, the college will make the correction at the occupant’s expense.