Erecting Event Tents on College Property

Any person or group wishing to place a tent on College property must submit the request for approval to Dining Services.

Dining Services is required to obtain a building permit from the Williamstown Building Inspector’s office one week in advance and to create a work order with the following information at least 7 working days in advance:

The following information must accompany the tent permit:

  • Exact date the tent will be erected and taken down
  • Location where the tent will be erected
  • Name and telephone number of the rental company
  • Name and telephone number of the contact person responsible for the event
  • Diagram of interior tent setup
  • Any electrical requirements

Once the required information has been submitted, Facilities will initiate the Dig Safe process and evaluate any electrical requirements.  The individual or group renting the tent will need to provide Dining Services with an account number to which the costs associated with Dig Safe and electrical work (if applicable) will be charged.

Tents may ONLY be erected:

  • After receiving a valid permit from the Town.
  • In coordination with Dining Services at approved locations
  • On a site that has TWO flags: One flag indicates that a Dig Safe has been completed and the other flag indicates the placement of one of the tent’s corner poles.

Any company that erects a tent does not comply with the above will lose their privilege to erect tents on campus.