Event Setup and Delivery Services

Facilities can assist with conference and event set-ups (tables, chairs, risers, electrical assistance, etc.) as well as deliveries and departmental moves.  When planning an event, a primary contact person must be designated.  This streamlines the communication process and can eliminate the confusion that can lead to unnecessary charges.

There are certain requirements that must be met, and there are certain requests that will always incur charges.  Below is a description of the requirements as well as the requests that will incur charges.

For further information regarding conference and event set-ups and deliveries & moves, please contact Dan Levering at 413-597-4466 or email dleverin​@williams​.edu.

Facilities-funded Event Setup or Delivery Services

Since Facilities’ goal is to support College operations in the most efficient and effective manner, no charges will be assessed to departmental budgets to support course-required events/activities and typical administrative department operations. Examples of set-up and delivery services funded by Facilities are:

  • Set-ups necessary to support activities required for a course.
  • Delivering purchases to your department from the stockroom.
  • Moving books, boxes, filing cabinets, or office equipment, office furniture, etc. on campus.
  • NOTE: Facilities does not transport materials to off-campus locations.

Department-funded Event Setup or Delivery Services

Departmental sponsored events or other events that are not required for a course will be charged to the requesting department. These types of activities include:

  • Theatrical performances
  • Musical (instrumental, choral, etc.) performances, when not required for a course
  • Set-ups for small department events (department meetings, etc.)
  • Set-ups for dinners and receptions
  • Conferences
  • Reunion events
  • Post-season (e.g. NCAA and NESCAC) athletic events
  • Facilities Trades services required for Dig Safe process for placement of a tent
Some services will always be charged to the requesting department:

Typically these services are associated with larger events. These include:

  • Covering floors in Chandler, Lasell, and the CTD dance studio
  • Installing fencing (including snow fencing required by Campus Safety & Security for an outdoor party)
  • Setting up risers
  • Moving furniture out of a room to make sufficient space for an event.
    • Note: There are locations on campus that require more effort to set-up for an event than others and, therefore, may incur greater charges. Contact Dan Levering x4466 or email dleverin​@williams​.edu to determine where an appropriate location might be for your event.
  • Reconfiguration of the pool bulkheads
  • All labor required after normal business hours for event set-ups or deliveries. Generally, normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. for Trade labor and 5:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for Custodial labor.

Facilities charges will be made to the following PS accounts where applicable:

Custodial Labor 501420
Operations Labor 501530
Materials 528900
Contract Services 534600

Charges for requested work will appear on your department’s financial statements. Questions regarding the charges should be directed to Dan Levering 413-597-4466 or email dleverin​@williams​.edu.