Key Control: Returning Vendor/Contractor Keys

  1. Master keys, residential hall keys, residential housing keys, and contractor cards MUST BE RETURNED TO FACILITIES ON THE DAY OF ISSUANCE by 4:30 p.m. unless other provisions have been made in advance.
  2. If the keys and/or contractor cards are not returned within the second 24 hour time frame, a MINIMUM $100 FINE per key will be enforced, or if deemed appropriate, the cost to re-key the entire facility served by the key(s) may be levied against the contractor/vendor.  Failure to return keys as required could also jeopardize the contractor/vendor’s relationship with the College and could lead to their removal from campus.
  3. The contractor/vendor understands that final payment is contingent upon compliance with the above requirements. It is the responsibility of each College Project Manager to ensure that contractor keys and cards are returned by the due date and prior to final payment.