Facilities Services

Key Control: Issuing Keys for Faculty and Staff

Issuing Staff/Faculty Keys: All key requests must be made on the Facilities work request website by the Department Head or Administrative Assistant. Building master keys will normally only be issued to the Department Chair or Building Manager. Master keys must be secured at the end of each workday in a lock… Continue reading »

Last modified on June 16, 2024

Key Control: Lost or Stolen Vendor/Contractor Keys

Lost or stolen keys and/or contractor cards must be reported to the Williams College Lock Shop within 24 hours of the discovery of the loss or theft. Based on the factors involved, the Lock Shop, with consideration from Campus Safety and Security, will make a decision whether to replace the… Continue reading »

Key Control: Returning Vendor/Contractor Keys

Master keys, residential hall keys, residential housing keys, and contractor cards MUST BE RETURNED TO FACILITIES ON THE DAY OF ISSUANCE by 4:30 p.m. unless other provisions have been made in advance. If the keys and/or contractor cards are not returned within the second 24 hour time frame, a MINIMUM $100 FINE… Continue reading »

Key Control: Requesting Vendor/Contractor Keys

PLEASE READ GENERAL KEY CONTROL POLICIES IN ADDITION TO THIS SECTION KEY ISSUANCE: A Williams College project manager, facilities manager, or faculty member who is responsible for the contract with the contractor/vendor must submit a key request through the Facilities work request site at least one business day before the… Continue reading »

Key Control: Forms and Procedures

Forms and Procedures Key Requests All key requests are to be submitted through the Facilities website.  Requests are to be submitted by either a Department Head or Administrative Assistant through the Facilities work request site @ http://facilitiesworkrequest.williams.edu/ Lost Keys Report lost key(s) here Lost Key Reporting Form… Continue reading »

Key Control: Returning Keys when Leaving the College

Key Retrieval Upon termination of employment and/or student status, all keys must be returned immediately to Facilities. Failure to return keys upon termination/separation may result in holding the employee and/or student responsible for the cost to re-key a room, office or building(s) if they do not return their key(s) prior… Continue reading »

Storing and Disposing of College-Owned Items

Storage and De-Accessioning Guidelines for College-Owned Furniture and other Items Excess material (doors, cabinets, shelving, radiators, etc.) and furniture (chairs, desks, file cabinets, bookcases, etc.) are often removed from active use on campus and brought to storage. These guidelines are intended to address the efficient storage, re-use, donation, recycling, or… Continue reading »

Television and Cable Service

The college provides a television with cable service in most residential buildings with a common area. Many student rooms have a cable outlet which can be activated by contacting the local cable company at the student’s expense. In rooms without a cable outlet, cable hook–ups are not permitted. Do not… Continue reading »

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