Moving Furniture

Storing and Disposing of College-Owned Items

Storage and De-Accessioning Guidelines for College-Owned Furniture and other Items Excess material (doors, cabinets, shelving, radiators, etc.) and furniture (chairs, desks, file cabinets, bookcases, etc.) are often removed from active use on campus and brought to storage. These guidelines are intended to address the efficient storage, re-use, donation, recycling, or… Continue reading »

Decoration and Student Construction Policy

Students must be careful when hanging posters, framed prints, mirrors, bulletin boards, etc. as all costs associated with the repair of wall or ceiling damage are billed to room occupants. Do not use nails. For hanging posters, photos, and calendars, use “fun–tack” which is available at local school and business… Continue reading »

Event Setup and Delivery Services

Facilities can assist with conference and event set-ups (tables, chairs, risers, electrical assistance, etc.) as well as deliveries and departmental moves.  When planning an event, a primary contact person must be designated.  This streamlines the communication process and can eliminate the confusion that can lead to unnecessary charges. There are… Continue reading »