1. Must submit a key request through the Facilities work request on the web.
  2. A Williams College manager or faculty member who is responsible for the contract with the contractor or vendor.
  3. Building campus Master Keys and Contractor Cards will only be issued when access cannot be obtained through the occupants, and when practical, access will be given by the authorizing entity rather than by issuing a key to the contractor/vendor.  In no instance will a contractor/vendor be issued a Master Key when a specific door key will allow needed access.
  4. A contractor/vendor representative signing for keys must be informed that only authorized company employees are permitted to have or use the keys.
  5. Contractors may hold non-dormitory Master Keys in their possession until the scheduled completion of the project, the return date must be specified on the Web Request.  Dormitory keys, including Masters and Contractor Cards must be returned to Facilities by 4:30 p.m. the same day.
  6. Keys to rental housing units must be returned to Facilities by 4:30 p.m. each day unless the unit in question is unoccupied. Then keys must be returned prior to move-in by the new occupant as defined by the Director of Facilities Services.


  1. Master Keys, dormitory keys, housing keys, and Contractor Cards MUST BE RETURNED TO FACILITIES ON THE DAY OF ISSUANCE. If the key is not returned within the second 48 hour time frame, a $50 fine will be levied. Failure to return keys and cards as agreed to will result in a MINIMUM $100 FINE or, if deemed appropriate, the cost to rekey the entire facility served by that key. Failure to return keys as required could also jeopardize the contractor’s relationship with the College and could lead to their removal from campus.
  2. The contractor/vendor understands that final payment is contingent upon compliance with the above requirements. It is the responsibility of each College Project Manager to insure that contractor keys are returned by the due date and prior to final payment.