Agard House

Named for Harry L. Agard, 1920
Former home of Delta Phi

96 South Street
16,420 sq.ft.

Agard House, 2008
Agard House, 2008

About Agard

Agard House, formerly the Delta Phi Fraternity on South Street, gets its name from Professor of Mathematics (1911-1932), Dean (until 1935), and Director of Admissions (1928-1935) Harry Leslie Agard. Agard boasts a beautiful common room, a country kitchen with stainless steel fixtures and appliances, and beautiful single and double rooms with unique architectural features. Used for upperclass student housing, Agard has six single rooms and 13 doubles on four floors.

Major Construction History

Date Project Cost
1967 Purchased
1971 Major restoration $93,000
2005 Renovation
Architect: Woodward, Connor, Gillies, Seleman
General Contractor: Renau