Adams Memorial Theatre

Named for John Quincy Adams, 1941

1000 Main Street
26,891 sq.ft.

Adams Memorial Theatre, 2012
Adams Memorial Theatre, 2012

About the AMT

The Adams Memorial Theatre, dedicated in 1941, was made possible by a then-anonymous gift from the daughter of one John Quincy Adams of Hopkinton, MA for whom the theater is named. While the need for an adequate college theater may have been apparent to Williams’ President James Phinney Baxter III ’14 at the time, he may not have foreseen fully the widespread name it would make for itself as the home of the Williamstown Theatre Festival during the summer months while the College was not in session. In 2005, the AMT was completely renovated and became part of the ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance.

Major Construction History

Date Project Cost
1941 Architect: Hoyle, Cram and Ferguson
Technical Advisor: Stanley McCandless (Yale School of Drama)
1983 Down stage addition
Architect: Cambridge Seven Associates, Inc.
2005 AMT Renovation
Remove Downstage – 4,900 sq. ft.
Architect: William Rawn Associates
General Contractor: Barr & Barr
Adams Memorial Theatre
AMT facade before 2005 renovation