Bronfman Science Center

Named for Edgar M. Bronfman, class of 1950

18 Hoxsey Street
90,698 sq.ft.

Bronfman Science Center
Bronfman Science Center, 2012

About Bronfman

In 1962 Professors Fielding Brown and David A. Park of physics, William C. Grant, Jr. of biology, and J. Hodge Markgraf of chemistry instigated and engineered a formal proposal to construct a single new science center which would house all of the science labs. The cross-fertilization of ideas which was the objective of the new center was regarded as a highly innovative concept, and plans for its construction were approved. Over the course of the next four years, contributions and grants were vigorously solicited. The Bronfman family, headed by Charles R. Bronfman, began the funding with a contribution of $1.25 million dollars. In 1964, construction of the new $3.9 million dollar science building, the Bronfman Science Center, began. By 1968, Williams had one of the most sophisticated and innovative scientific facilities of any college. Bronfman currently houses Psychology, Math, science labs and offices.

Major Construction History

Date Project Cost
1968 Construction
Architect: Benjamin Thompson & Associates
1968 Landscaping
Architect: Carol R. Johnson & Associates, Inc.
1984 Air conditioning $170,260
1985 Basement classrooms
Architect: Hallock Architects, Inc.
1999 Unified Science Center: renovation
Architect: Einhorn Yaffee Prescott and Zimmer Gunsul Frasca
General Contractor: Gilbane Building Co.
2006 Auditorium construction
Architect: Centerline
General Contractor: Renau