Chadbourne House

Named for Paul Ansel Chadbourne,
class of 1848 and 5th president of Williams
Formerly Keck House, built in ca. 1800

42 Stetson Court
5,190 sq.ft.

Chadbourne House, 2012
Chadbourne House, 2012

About Chadbourne

Chadbourne House was the former Haller Inn on Stetson Court, and is named for the Paul Ansel Chadbourne, Class of 1848, the 5th President of Williams. Chadbourne is tucked away, across from the Office of Admissions, but not too far away from the Science Quad or Spring Street. Upperclass students share a small common room, and a kitchen, and live in 11 singles and one double room in this co-op housing option. Quiet, small, and beautiful, Chadbourne House could be the campus’s best-kept secret!

Major Construction History

Date Project Cost
ca. 1800 Built
1971 Purchased
1977-78 Converted to student housing $57,000
2003 Renovation Design
Architect: EDM
2004 Renovation
Architect: EDM
General Contractor: Renau