Clark Hall

Named for Edward Clark,
Class of 1831, Trustee 1878-82
Home of the Geosciences Department

947 Main Street
13,680 sq. ft.

Clark Hall, 2012
Clark Hall, 2012

About Clark Hall

Clark Hall, the home of the geosciences department, is named for Edward Clark, a member of the Class of 1831 and a Trustee from 1878 until his death in 1882. Williams honored Edward Clark with a LL.D. in 1880.

The first Clark Hall, built in 1881, included the valuable geological collection known as the Wilder Cabinet assembled by the Honorable Lyman Wilder, an honorary member of the class of 1856. That original building, near the site of the present Prospect Hall, was allowed to fall into disrepair and was finally taken down in 1908. That same year, Edward’s son Alfred’s widow, Mrs. Bishop Potter, and her four sons (Edward’s grandsons) provided funding for the present Edward Clark Hall, stipulating that it be devoted to the study of geology.

Major Construction History

Date Project Cost
1908 Built – old Clark Hall (wooden) pulled down in 1886
Architect: Frank Wallis and William Rogers
1954 Restoration
Designed by: Peter P. Welanetz, PE
1970 Renovation
Architect: Lockwood Greene Co.
1988-89 Geology Lab: renovation to sub basement
ventilation system for 105 and basement
1992 Computer lab $35,365
2006 Stair repair $311,192