Currier Hall

Named for Lura Ormsbee Currier, 1908

14 Driscoll Hall Drive
34,285 sq. ft.

Currier Hall, 2012
Currier Hall, 2012

About Currier

Currier House is the home of the famed Currier Ballroom, one of the nicest programming spaces on campus, featuring rich wood paneling, high ceilings, and a piano. The Ballroom is a great space for classy social events and has hosted many Cap-and-Bells productions, balls, costume parties, and classy dinners. Currier has mainly single rooms, but the doubles are truly awesome. Very tall students can actually stand in the fireplace in one of the rooms adjacent to the ballroom, which also has a curious stone head affixed to the mantelpiece. Currier has a feel of “lived-in charm and days-gone-by.” Bluestone stairs showing years of foot erosion from former students take you to the upper floors with rooms arranged in suite-like style and curved common rooms at each end. Basement rooms boast high ceilings and French windows and doors. A small kitchen on the basement floor can be used for modest food prep.

Currier was build in 1908 and renovated in 1993. An upper class student dorm, Currier has 57 singles and four doubles on three floors. It is not air conditioned. It is part of the Currier Neighborhood.

Major Construction History

Date Project Cost
1908 Built
Architect: Robins & Oakman ’99
1954-57 Restoration and Music Department
Designed by: Peter P. Welanetz, PE
1964 Renovation
Architect: The Architects Collaborative
1979 Conversion to student housing $30,000
1993 Renovation and refurbishment $685,082
2006 Heating system replacement $75,113
2006 Residence halls sprinklers–Currier/Poker Flats
Engineer: Fire Protection Services
General Contractor: Renau