Fayerweather Hall

Named for Daniel F. Fayerweather
Formerly South College

28 Lawrence Hall Drive
16,288 sq. ft.

Fayerweather Hall, 2012
Fayerweather Hall, 2012

About Fayerweather

Fayerweather, or as it’s affectionately called “Fay,” is very similar in structure to East College. It was, in fact, called South College until 1905, when rags-to-riches Daniel Fayerweather’s long-argued will helped to pay for renovations. The building offers 30 singles and 18 doubles on three floors for upper class students, and a large common room and kitchen in the basement. It is not air conditioned.

Built in 1842 and renovated in 1989, Fay is part of the Currier Neighborhood.

Major Construction History

Date Project Cost
1842 Built
Architect: Allen & Collins
1905 Gold Coast addition to south
building re-named Fayerweather
Architect: Allen & Collins
1957 Rebuilt
Architect: Cram and Ferguson
1982 Major renovation $41,900
1988-89 Renovation $400,000
1999 East/Fayerweather single sex bathrooms
Architect: H.P.Rovinelli Architects