Griffin Hall

Named for Edward Dorr Griffin, third president of Williams, 1828

844 Main Street
12,998 sq. ft.

Griffin Hall, 2007
Griffin Hall, 2007

About Griffin Hall

Griffin Hall was patterned after a Charles Bulfinch building at Andover Theological Seminary. The building reflects the Federalist influence in its Palladian west window, Doric entrance columns and beautifully windowed roof dormer. It originally had a double entrance and stood near Main Street. Griffin was moved to the northeast and remodeled in 1904.

Originally called “the brick chapel,” Griffin served as the college chapel until 1859 when Goodrich Hall was built. At that time, the building was re-named Griffin Hall. A library was built in 1847. In 1997 it was re-dedicated after a total renovation which turned it into the most technologically advanced classroom building on campus. The air conditioned building is currently used for classroom work and special meetings.

Major Construction History

Date Project Cost
1828 Built by President Griffin
Architect: Harding and Seaver
1847 library and lecture room
1904 moved to northeast and remodeled
1952 restoration
Designed by: Peter P. Welanetz, PE
1995 renovation design
Architect: Childs Bertman Tseckares
1995-97 renovation construction Phase I
renovation construction Phase II