Jenness House

Named for Arthur Freeman Jenness, Professor of Psychology
Built in 1895

10 Morley Drive
3,924 sq.ft.

Jenness House
Jenness House

About Jenness House

Jenness House, south of the Science quad, was named for its occupant, Professor of Psychology Arthur Freeman Jenness, from 1946 until 1965. The College bought the property on his retirement June 12, 1965. It has served as a faculty residence and offices and now, moved east to make room for the unified sciences center, and turned 180 degrees, it is used as the College’s Multicultural Center.

Major Construction History

Date Project Cost
1895 Built
1966 Purchased
1990 Multicultural Center $27,300
1991 Furniture & renovations
1996 Relocate from 30 to 35 Grace Court
Engineer: Vince Guntlow
2000 MCC renovation $29,900