During the academic year, storage space is available in most residence areas. However, furniture (such as beds, couches, chairs, etc.) is not permitted in campus storage, due to lack of space. With the exception of co–ops, where residents monitor their own storage areas, arrangements for storage or removal should be made through the building custodian. (If the custodian has responsibility for more than one building and can’t be located, Security may be contacted for access.)

Due to the limited space available, storage rooms are routinely cleaned out at the end of the academic year to provide storage for the following year’s class. Any items left in storage at the end of the academic year shall be deemed transferred to the College and will be disposed of at the discretion of the College. It is further expressly acknowledged and agreed by all persons using the storage areas that the proceeds, if any, of such disposal likewise shall be the property of the college.

Storage of items on campus over the summer will be allowed only for financial aid students with exceptionally high need and who live a great distance from the campus, including all international aided students as determined by the Office of Financial Aid.

The college assumes no responsibility for personal items placed in storage and it is strongly recommended that valuable items such as skis, stereos, personal computers, etc., not be placed in the storage rooms.

There are some local companies which provide storage options for students off–campus. It is entirely the student’s responsibility to contact and contract with any local company for storage. Students have typically used Connors Brothers (413–458–8141) and Mullen (413–458–2580). There are others in the area; students should consult the local yellow pages for more information.