Chargeback Policies for Repair and Maintenance Work

Work orders submitted for “non-discretionary” repair and maintenance work will be charged to a Facilities account.  The labor and materials costs for this work will not be charged to a departmental account.
For work orders submitted for “discretionary” repair and maintenance, actual labor and materials costs will be charged to the department account number provided by the requestor.  “Discretionary” work includes special requests for painting, carpentry work, repairs due to damages, etc. (see Facilities Work Flow Glossary of Terms below).  If a department is being charged, Facilities should provide to the requestor an estimate for the labor and materials costs based on the scope of work specified in the work order prior to the work being performed.
The determination on whether a department will be charged for a non-maintenance request submitted to Facilities or whether the cost will be expensed to a Facilities account will be based on the nature of the request service (“non-discretionary” vs. “discretionary”) and will no longer be based solely on the dollar amount.

Please visit the Glossary for more information about discretionary and non-discretionary work.