Carter House

Named for Franklin Carter, 1965
Part of the Greylock Quad

36 North Street
24,950 sq.ft.

Carter House

About Carter House

Franklin Carter House, commonly known as “Carter,” is a part of the Greylock Quad — known for its brick, slate, and cement architectural features. Carter boasts rooms with huge windows that look over the quad and toward the Williamstown Town Hall. Residents will find small singles arranged into suites with common rooms, and a beautiful kitchen. The Greylock Quad, comprised of Bryant, Mark Hopkins, Carter, and Gladden, is close to the ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance, and has an easy-access path that leads students to the Paresky Student Center.

Carter is used for upper class student housing. It’s five floors house 70 single rooms. It has no air conditioning. Carter is part of the Wood Neighborhood.

Major Construction History

Date Project Cost
1965 Built (Bryant, Carter, Gladden, Mark Hopkins, Greylock Dining)
Architect: The Architects Collaborative
2001 Renovated (Carter, Gladden)
Architect: Black River Design
General Contractor: MLB